Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I don't know what it is but usually around the hour of 12 I become very nostalgic. I have a feeling I'm not the only one either. On such occasions I'll put on a good song and just think. This is what I'm doing right now. I just feel like writing so here I am, writing away. I don't really have a set plan on what to write,I am simply writing for the sake of writing and hoping to cure this nostalgia. I don't know how this will pretain to cancer, I'm simply hoping I'll find my way to the topic of cancer sometime while writing this. The main thing on my mind right now is my old senior class. I know why. It's because they are on their senior trip right now. Photos keep on popping up on my Facebook wall. It's good to see them smiling and happy I just wish I could be there with them. It's ok though because I'm in remission. That is my new mindset. Everytime I get sad or in this case nostalgic I just think to myself where I am with my treatment as opposed to where I could be. 6 months ago I had pictures in my mind of me slowly fading away due to the chemo and cancer but that is simply not the case. I am truly blessed and if any of my senior class reads this, I hope your having a great time and I love you guys.

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