Monday, October 15, 2012

Final Outcome

I have this urge. This overwhelming urge to tell my story. There hasn't been one time that I've sat down and told someone my whole story. Part of the reason is because it's still being written. The weird thing about my story is that I already know how it's gonna end. It's gonna end with God healing me. I don't know the when's or the how's yet but I know the final outcome and that is whats most important. Like a wise man once said "it doesn't matter how you start, it matters how you finish."

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  1. Bobby,
    You're right on son. God has a plan. We don't know it but we know that everything that comes from Him is good. His will for you is good. Focus on His promises and before you know it the time will fly by. Psalm 23 specifically says that He will lead you to still waters. That's where your headed. Peace and healing. Calmness. You are mature beyond your years. That's the Holy Spirit that dwells within you. Keep your faith strong and your steps on the foundation of God.