Monday, February 4, 2013

My Goliath

I keep thinking about David and Goliath. It must've been pretty nerve wracking for David to stand there in front a giant who had claimed so many lives with just a sling shot. He had tremendous Faith in God. I wonder if he had any doubts or worries while he was standing there. Cancer is my giant. Cancer is my Goliath. If God delivered David from his giant why wouldn't he deliver me from mine? I pray to have faith like David. Faith to overcome this Giant . Thank you God for my trials because they'll only make me stronger. Thank you God for the bad things that happen because they make me run and take refuge with you my holy father. I love you and will continue to believe that you will heal me because you will.


  1. God is amazing! You are amazing!! You will be delivered!! To God be all the glory!!

  2. I will pray God heals you. How are you feeling?