Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chemo round 1

Chemo is... Annoying, not fun, painful, but necessary. Just finished round one of chemo. It was crazy. I hated it but I know it's working because I felt and still feel its affects. There were times when I felt like going insane. It does things to your mind. I felt like I couldn't articulate my words and thoughts. I felt my hands shaking and my head moving back and forth. It felt like I was on a really strong drug that I never wanna be on again. I hate the way it made me feel but as long as I'm getting better then I could care less. It could've been worse. I didn't throw up. I never lost my appetite. I never lost hope. Well God willing I will be able to go home tomorrow and this chemo treatment will be a bad dream for now.

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