Thursday, November 10, 2011


So I heard some things today... They made me feel blessed and they greatly heart my heart. David is him name. He has they same disease that I have but in a much worse way. He wasnt diagnosed unfortunately until he had all the symptoms. He went through treatment and went into remission. He was taking maintenance chemo and was doing good. Then his doctor lowered his dosage because the pills were making him sick. This is when the disease came back with a vengeance. He is now in the hospital in the worst condition of his life. Anyone who reads this, please pray for David and his family. Pray for healing. Pray for peace.

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  1. Father,
    You know the needs of your children and not one of us escapes your sight! Please be with Bobby and David today! Fill them with you peace, comfort them with your love, and touch them with your healing power! You are faithful and you do all things well! Help us to trust your will and may you be glorified!