Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life Experience

I hate cancer. I hate that I have it. I hate what it does to individuals and their families. I hate everything about it. One thing I do appreciate however is the experience that comes from this horrible illness. I appreciate the changes that are taking place inside me. I appreciate the strength I'm developing from this. After this I'm gonna be able to do anything. I'm going to the top, this is a fact. It's sorta nice not having to worry about small stuff anymore. I'm sorry to say that it took cancer to accomplish this. But no matter what it took to make me what I am and what I'm going to be I'm glad. Because of cancer, I now enjoy life more then I ever have. There's no more time for regrets or grudges or anything that would a person back. Now all I have to do is live my life and enjoy it.


  1. Bobby,
    You are an amazing young man. I can't say it enough; YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! As your father, I'm learning from you every day. Your courage, your strength, your faith are all an inspiration to this family, to me and to everyone who you know. Your are doing and are going to do great things. God picks those that will turn tragedy into glory. What others may see as a tragedy, you see as an opportunity to serve and lead by example. I am truly inspired. Your right about the small stuff, it's meaningless. Thank you for making me realize this.

    I love you,

  2. Bobby,
    I know none of this is easy, but I'm touched by what you have to say. If it was anybody else, they would have given up. But you, you're fighting... And that is truly amazing. Your will power, your optimism, it really is inspiring. I'm glad that I know you and your family, you've been nothing but a blessing and a funny guy to talk to. It's always great to see you, too bad I'm up in Dallas. But regardless, I'm happy to see this from you.

    But one thing I have to say is, Trust in the Lord. When you are weak, and there will be, if it hasn't happened, rely on His strength. He is the provider and the Great Comforter. When you let go and let Him love on you and pick you up, there's no telling where you will go.

    Cancer is NOTHING when God is on your side. He always has your best interests in mind.

    Take care Bobby.

    -Joshua Drewes

  3. All I can say is WOW... to God be the glory! It was really great to see you this week. God bless you during the next round.