Wednesday, November 9, 2011

State Ring

I'm in the hospital now, what a journey it has been. It's not the place I want to be most right now, but I understand that I have to. This is part of my treatment and I'm going to do what ever it takes to get well. So last night my old football coach asked of he could come visit. I told him yes. When he gets to my room he sits and talks with me a while. Hes in the army reserve so he was gone this year instill about october. He tells me that his first week back he has a meeting with all the other coaches and he tells me the first thing he asks them is about me. This was an honor. To think thatI made a big enough impact on his life that I'm the first thing he asks for. Then he prays with me and says he has to go but before he goes he does something that I will never forget. He pulls out his college state championship UT Austin ring and he puts it on my finger and looks me in the eye and says, "I want you to hold on to this until you get better." I can't believe he did this, I was in awe. It's so wonderful to know that he has that much faith in me.

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  1. Bobby, one day in prayer meeting he lifted up a praise that you were healed. Several teachers looked around confused and then he said, "yes, he's still undergoing treatment, but I believe that God has healed him and I praise God for that." We agreed and lifted you up in prayer and thanked God!